Our Software, Called ATTN, Will Be Used By Every Brand To Curate, Publish & Monetize Content Onto All Voice Platforms

1.8 Billion websites globally. Virtually none are accessible on voice platforms.

Over 30% of all search will be via voice devices by 2020.

If your brand’s content is not voice ready, you won’t exist.

Massive consumer shift will demand a voice presence.

Brands will need to publish content onto voice.


“Voice Technology Is Disrupting Modern Computing.
Investors Should Be Listening.”

| Feb 2018

Executive Team

Alex Farr | CEO

20+ years experience as technology strategist, developer and product advisor to Fortune 500 companies, venture capitalists, and start-up founders. Created 100+ Websites, apps and software. Expertise in high stakes companies from seed to growth. Biz dev, partnerships, dealmaking with $100M+ P&L’s.

John Wiese | CTO

More than 30 years of experience as an executive technologist leading large engineering teams working on mission critical software.

Rob Luenberger | CSO

Ph.D 95 • Lecturer 99-07

Chief Scientist 1994-2004

Chief Scientist 2004-2015

Senior Vice Pres. 2015-2017

Ian Utile | CMO

Entrepreneur in Residence
Co-Founder | #76 on Inc List $10M ARR w/out investors
Founder | Investor | Advisor

ATTN Product Roadmap

Platform offering managed content delivery across all major Voice OS devices, including content scheduling, analytics and monetization.

Start: Nov 2018

End: Apr 2019

v2.0 will add A.I. (machine learning) integration for automation as well as a freelancer marketplace, DIY training, and advertising monetization.

Start: May 2019

End: Apr 2020

v3.0 will add A.R. (augmented reality) features to enhance our clients interactive engagement with their customers through a visual experience.

Start: May 2020

End: Apr 2022